Blogs pay it forward

Mack Collier posted about his “Z-list” plan to bring link-love to those blogs not getting their due.  His instructions, as well as my list of blogs to check out, is below.  The idea is to change up how the Technorati authority system works.  It’s a great idea.

Your homework: cut and paste the list of blogs into your new post, adding any additional blogs that you think need more air time.  Add the same instructions in your post so the next blogger does the same.

Thanks, Mack, for including Customers Rock! in your list of deserving blogs.  I am paying it forward.


Here’s Mack’s list(Cut and paste to your blog, and add as few or many blogs as you like):

Shotgun Marketing Blog
Customers Rock! (my blog)
Being Peter Kim

Becky’s adds:



6 Responses

  1. My pleasure, Marc. I updated the list today, as my original list was so short (since I was there at the beginning of all this). I am looking forward to taking time over the holidays to check out all of these “hidden gems”!

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