Best Buy, Santa, and Cookies – Yum!

santa-cookies.jpgWhile in the final throes of holiday shopping, we have had the opportunity to shop at several different electronics retailers.  The experience at most is crowded throngs of people desperately trying to find a Nintendo Wii or the latest iPod Nano in a cool color, with nary a store employee in sight.  It is enough to challenge even the most patient person.

However, there are shining examples of great customer service.  Andy Nulman shared one about a bookstore called Chapters, where he was offered sweets while waiting in line.  Barnes and Noble offered gift wrapping in-store by a wonderful lady who didn’t even flinch at the large number of books I gave her to wrap.  But the best example we have seen so far was Best Buy

Even this last week of the holiday shopping saw plenty of store employees available to answer questions.  Within 2 minutes of walking in (looking for MP3 connectors for my stereo), I was approached by a friendly gal who offered to point me in the right direction.  She was knowledgeable and smiling – two traits not always found in holiday help!  My husband went to a different Best Buy yesterday (I am getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas – yeah!) and was offered cookies by a store employee.  This was not just while standing in line, as in Andy’s experience, but an employee was walking around the store with a giant tray of cookies and offering them to customers. 

Best Buy really seems to want to create a pleasant experience for their customers during this hectic time of year.  Although I had been dreading it, I won’t hesitate to go back.

Tell me your best customer service stories from this shopping season, both at retail as well as in online shopping.  I will share them in an upcoming post (with full credits, of course!).

4 Responses

  1. Becky, what a great story! I’ve done most of my shopping online, but with my parents coming in tomorrow for Xmas, I expect some last minute shopping and -maybe- some stories to share with you… BTW, thanks for adding Flooring The Consumer to your blogroll. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks, C.B. Glad you liked the story. I look foward to hearing more stories, from you and our fellow bloggers, so we can have a great New Year’s conversatoin in a week or so! Happy Holidays to you, too!

  3. That’s just so true — we went to Best Buy on the 23rd, and was immediately approached by someone who offered to help me find a Slingbox. We shop there for most of our geekier purchases. But there were no cookies. :)