Blogs That Make Me Think: The Thinking Blogger Award

thinkingblogger.jpg I have been honored to be given the Thinking Blogger award by two wonderful bloggers!  First, my Z-list friend Lewis Green nominated me in this post.   Lewis shares his passion for business and customers on his blog, and I can always find a wise word in his posts.  I look forward to his new book!  Second, my new blogging friend Matt Dickman has nominated me in this post.  Matt’s blog is a great place to go if you like a solid mix of the lastest marketing trends with a techy spin (perfect for me!).  Thank you to both of you gentlemen!! I am truly honored.

The meme started with Ilker Yoldas wanting to highlight blogs that are truly “meaty” with great content.  He started the Thinking Blogs Award to help publicize great blogs.

Now it is my turn to share some of my favorite thinking blogs with you.  My apologies if some of you have already been nominated!  I highly recommend you give these a read.

Five Blogs That Make Me Think

Mack Collier: The Viral Garden.  Mack is a thinker extraordinaire and builder of communities.  He is always positive, and I love the way he encourages companies to engage in conversation with their customers.  Thanks for the encouragement, Mack!

Ron Shevlin: Marketing ROI.   Ron comes from the banking world and tackles marketing and customer-focus issues in a very direct fashion on his blog.  I also enjoy the many doses of humor he interjects throughout, such as this post on Rejected Titles for the Sopranos.  Thanks for the laughs and insight, Ron!

Steve Woodruff: Sticky Figure.  Steve has been the sheriff of our BrandingWire posse (a group of 12 bloggers who tackle one branding challenge monthly), and his posts have gotten many in the blogosphere thinking!   He also created a great Marketing Portal, which is an easy place to read all your favorite blogs in one spot.  Thanks for getting the collaboration going, Steve!

Doug Meacham: NextUp.   Doug is a blogger who straddles the border of technology and customer experience.  He has done some amazing things in his career to further the customer experience, some of which you can get a feel for in his lastest series of posts on Disney World experiences.  Thanks for keeping the faith, Doug!

Roger Anderson: Modern Magellans.  Roger puts forward many thought-provoking posts on his blog for entrepreneurs, as well as in his new book Maps for Modern Magellans (which I will be reviewing soon!).  Thanks for the challenging business discussions, Roger!

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  2. Becky thanks so much! Your blog continues to be an example of how a new blog can break into the blogosphere and become a success in record time! Have a great weekend!

  3. Becky,
    Thank you for your kind words. It makes me very happy to know I make you think. That is one of my main objectives. If thought produces action, then I have succeeded.

    I just got in from a day of meetings. I’m looking at raising money for, and joining as CEO, an interesting company. They have some technology that could help bloggers who are trying to monetize their material. I just have to figure out if I can see how they will make money in this new world wide web redux. Then I met with an old friend who wants to start a new nerve stem cell business. So, my head is full of IT, IP, and Ibuprophen at this moment.

    I am honored to be listed with such illustrious company. I will carry on this “meme” on Monday (my 1 month of blogging anniversary) if that is OK. I think business blogs get more traffic and readers on weekdays anyway. That and my rebuttal to Seth’s post on blogging has been drawing attention so I want to leave it near the top for a few days.

  4. Becky, I am honored to be in your list and to share the space with people who I look up to as true leaders. Thanks for your flattering comments and your continued friendship and support.


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