Bathroom Blogfest: Luxury Disney

 Why are we looking at bathrooms this week?  The customer experience truly spans all customer touchpoints, including the bathroom!  If the experience is great throughout an establishment but the washroom is dirty, lacks supplies, or is unappealing, a customer’s impression of your brand will be affected.  Disney has a very strong brand, and its bathrooms are generally kept very clean and tidy.  Today I will show you a few pictures of exceptional bathrooms – luxury Disney.

Disney’s California Adventure Park, Ariel’s Grotto

Ariel’s Grotto is a restaurant which serves what Disney calls “character meals”.  In other words, this is the place to come if you want to meet the Disney characters while you eat.  This particular restaurant is focused on those popular Disney princesses, and you can get your photo taken with Ariel (from the Little Mermaid).  Right across from her beautifully-themed mermaid photo spot is this ladies room.  Of course, it has the “children’s sink” which is lower than the other sinks, but its most striking aspect is the lighting.  In order to achieve that “under the sea” effect, there is a blue glow which is emitted from the mirrors.  The bathroom in general is dimly-lit in the sink area so the blue glow can be seen.  In addition, the bathroom is in shades of teals, green, and blue, and the mirrors are luxurious with gold and granite all around, fit for any little (or big) princess to use!


Disney World: EPCOT, House of Technology

Inside the Innoventions area of EPCOT at Disney World, you can take a tour of the House of Technology.  This “house” shows off many futuristic ideas about how we can use technology in every day life – such as the room-darkening glass controlled by a touchscreen or the wall speakers (which are the wall!).  One of the most interesting parts of the house was the bathroom.  While Disney guests can’t use this bathroom, it is so visually-appealing that I had to share it!

It includes a shower with multiple shower heads that can turn on and off as desired, creating a pulsing effect.  It also includes this toilet and sink area.  The toilet is tankless, and water is pumped directly to the bowl.  The sink is simple in its elegance, with the blue glass basin adding a nice touch of color.  The overall effect is one of a very neat and tidy area which could be replicated for hotels or eating establishments.  Well done, Disney!  (And Kohler, as they are the ones who make these fixtures.)


Tomorrow, I will share fun bathroom signs!

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15 Responses

  1. Man am I glad you are talking about bathrooms. As a facilities services provider, you have really got me re-thinking how we should be marketing and positioning our restroom products and services.

  2. Glad you like it, CB; I thought you would. Let me know when you come out to Disneyland, and I will definitely give you and your family the personal tour!

    Scott, glad to hear you are finding this discussion so useful! It really does apply to most customer-facing outlets, in addition to the businesses that service those outlets. Let us know how you use this Blogfest information to impact your marketing. :-)

  3. Hmmm….bathrooms….this really got me thinking and I remembered a period of time when I was more a less a bathroom connoisseur. I’m not really sure how I got to that point in my life, but during this period, I took careful note of the quality of bathrooms that I…encountered.

    In complete disclosure, most fell into the Truckstop / Gas Station category (not the good kind) and did not even get a passing mention to friends and family. However, when I encountered a particularly captivating bathroom, I felt compelled to share this knowledge with all I knew.

    It seems rather strange, but we all, at some point or another, have to use a public restroom. When we are on vacation, as Becky is / was, we simply must use one that is not our own. So when I found one that felt clean, spiffy, fancy or even Magical (in a nod to Disney), I felt it my obligation to share.

    Some memorable ones:

    – The bottom floor men’s room of the Tallahassee State Capital Building (the new building)…super clean, never used by anyone, maybe they kept it really nice for the legislature?

    – A boutique store in college that I waited in for several hours while a friend tried on clothes…just really fancy, smelled fantastic, they had all female clientle, stood out in my mind as very high end.

    – Disneyland (California) has a few stellar bathrooms. The kid’s changing station at the end of main street truly has “the happiest potties on earth”

    OK, sounds weird, but the post prompted my thinking.

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