I Want Your Blog-iversary Ideas

blogiversary.jpg The one-year anniversary of the Customers Rock! blog is approaching on December 7, and I want to turn to you, my loyal readers, for help in celebrating.  What was an especially memorable blog-iversary post that you have seen or participated in?  What could I do to celebrate?  I want it to involve as many of you as want to be involved!

I have seen several things done: thanking all those who have referred, commented; reviews of popular posts throughout the year, etc.

What would you all recommend?

Please email me or leave a comment with your suggestions for Friday’s post.  Thanks… you guys rock!

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6 Responses

  1. How about creating an ebook of your favorite 5-7 articles, with comments, and giving that away for everyone, as a celebration of your time as a blogger?

    And it’s only been 1 year? Wow Becky, sure seems like a LOT more than that! Congrats!

  2. One year and a diva already..
    i really thought that customersrock was in 2nd or even 3rd year :)

    — rate your top 5 posts
    — rate your top 5 commenters
    — rate your most embarassing post/negative comments
    — rate one particular day when you think your blog reached a real high..

    keep blogging..


  3. Phil and Daksh, great ideas! I had a few emails from other folks along similar lines.

    I am also flattered that you thought I had been blogging much longer (although I have to admit, sometimes it feels that way to me, too!).

    Stay tuned…

  4. I forgot to add that I’d like to be on the e-book pinglist too! 😉 One of our Shaping Youth advisory board members does this for all of her sites and it’s become quite a helpful ‘tipsheet’ and database builder to boot. Quite a win-win! Oh, btw, it’s Carmen at Racialicious and Anti-Racist Parent, she’s CEO of New Demographic.com (if you want to look at some of the format factors)
    Congrats again, Becky!