Social Media and BlogWorld: Here We Come!

In one month, the 2008 BlogWorld conference will be taking place in Las Vegas, NV, and I was chosen to moderate a panel this year!  In case you aren’t familiar with it, BlogWorld is billed as the world’s largest blogging conference and tradeshow.  The way I look at it, it is a great place to come and learn about social media, as many of the sessions go beyond blogging into video, social networking, Twitter, and podcasting.

As for my panel, the title is Creating Customer Loyalty with Social Media.  Here is the abstract:

One of the keys to rockin’ customer retention and loyalty is customer engagement. This session shares some of the best practices in combining social media with customer retention programs, an area relatively unexplored by many companies and social media discussions. Social media provides the ideal channel from which to learn about and interact with customers, both commercial and consumer. It is also a great mechanism for deepening customer relationships and empowering customers to become a company’s best advocates. These two areas are especially important to businesses that want to break-through the noise and grow in spite of difficult economic times. Through the use of blogs, video, social networks, and wikis, executing customer retention programs can be cool again!

My Fabulous Panelists

I am so excited to have some great people on my panel.  I have two outstanding bloggers, Toby Bloomberg and Brian Solis, who will be sharing their perspectives on how companies are using social media to better serve their customers and build relationships.  I also have two brilliant minds from the corporate world, Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com (based in Las Vegas) and Frank Eliason of Comcast.  Both of them are leading their companies with new ways of using social media to get closer to their customers, including use of Twitter.  Expect to see a lively conversation taking place!

Learn About Social Media

Come and meet us in Las Vegas for BlogWorld.  You can use the link in my right sidebar or at the end of my post to save 20% off the price of registration with a special discount code BCYV1PLL (be sure to type this exactly; it is case sensitive) for the first 50 of my readers who sign up before September 1. (And yes, that is an affiliate link – my first foray into this area!)  If you are planning to come, or if you are already signed up, leave me a comment.  Maybe we can do a Customers Rock! meet-up!

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10 Responses

  1. This will be an awesome panel. There is no one better than you to moderate this as you bring your years of customer strategy long before social media/web 2.0/social web was even around. Hit them with hard questions. I want to know who is taking the rich customer knowledge gained by social media strategies and integrating it back into other parts of the organization (especially customer facing)and using it to create more loyalty? Is anyone integrating their siloed social media activities with their CRM system (if they have one)? Often times we are quick to pat ourselves on the back about having a blogging strategy (Dell, Sony Playstation, Sun) or a twitter strategy (comcast) but how are we leveraging this “golden” customer generated data to really support our customers or develop better products? Find that out, ok Becky. Have fun.

  2. Becky Carroll

    Thanks, Kenny – you are so kind! I love your question and will be sure to ask it of the panelists. It really is a key to success when we do something with the information we get from customers… You rock!

  3. Becky, Wow, You will be in the midst of some great folks there, pretty cool stuff and congratulations on being selected to be part of that.

    I concur with Kenny’s comments and am interested in hearing feedback on those issues, particularly how Social Media ties into the overall strategy. As an example, it seems that one can get a faster result with Frank at Comcastcares than with Comcast customer service, and at least I feel better about it, which is what makes long term sustained customer retention. So, if Twitter replaced the way companies do customer service, and other corporations took that approach, would it still make me feel better? Likely so, because someone named Frank (which who knows, it could have been anyone) actually cared enough to answer my questions accurately and with a viable quick solutions, without me staying on hold for an unacceptable times. Good Luck with the panel!

  4. Ditto on the awesome panel. (I’d love to be there if I didn’t have a previous client commitment that day.) While you’re in Vegas, I hope you get to visit Tony’s company. I was fortunate to tour Zappos on a recent trip – it’s an incredible, really WOW experience – and I can’t stop raving about the people there and the Zappos culture.

  5. Becky – From the smart comments of your community I better do some ‘homework’ before we meet up in Vegas! Looking forward to a lively discussion and learning from all.

  6. Becky Carroll

    Eric, thank you for your nice compliments and for your question ideas. Hmm, does this turn customer service on its head, or does it get it back to where it should have been, anyway? Let’s see what our panelists have to say…

    Sybil, I would love to go and visit Zappos.com; I will have to ask Tony how I can set that up! Sorry you won’t be there, but clients come first. :)

    Toby, it looks like your work is cut out for you and the other panelists. Can’t wait to hear all of the answers! Plus, looking forward to meeting up again, this time in Vegas.

    Lewis, thank you for your thoughts. I am looking forward to the experience very much!!

  7. Becky Carroll

    Thank you, Sandeep, for sharing your visual ideas. Your stories could be more powerful as “case studies” if they could show the how the success is being measured. That is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting social media going in many companies.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion. We will try to put actual metrics and there measurement in future case studies.

    But again intangible metrics like – increase in brand perception or improved customer relationship are difficult to measure.

    Yes – tangible metrics like increased traffic/Page views/Bounce rate/Number of links or comments is measureable – but that should not be the guiding factor in implementing or not implementing Social Media.

    I feel if a companies customers are online – Social Media participation is key.