Social Media and Customer Loyalty: Video Thoughts

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When I was at Blogworld Expo in September, I had the opportunity to speak to several influential marketers and bloggers.  Seeing that I had my new trusty Flip Mino Video Camerawith me, I asked some of them if I could record their response to this simple question:

How can social media help a company with customer loyalty?”

I have four short videos of these marketers, and I will share one each day this week.  As I am away at the MarketingProfs Digitial Mixer, hopefully I will have one more to share with you by Friday as I talk to even more smart marketers!

First up: Jim Kukral, video marketer extraordinaire. Watch the video below for his take on customer focus.  Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think! Do you agree with Jim?  Do you like these types of videos?  Let me know.

Jim Kukral on social media and customer loyalty

14 Responses

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  2. Hi Becky
    There are so many subtle ways in which Social Media help to reinforce and create great customer experiences One of our residents made and posted a video to our Social Network Site, the UrbaneLobby.com, of just them grilling out. Seems kind of silly, but prospects view those and see examples of residents having fun. These types of customer engagements are far and away more effective at promoting our product offerings than any traditional marketing campaign.

  3. Becky, I think the video with Jim was great! I like his focus on the customer’s “pain” and I think that really is the differentiation in our current macroeconomic downturn.

  4. The whole area of social media and customer loyalty is an interesting one. Most marketers are not geared to measure loyalty, churn, lifetime value, net promoter score etc because the received wisdom finds comfort in the traditional modus operandus – ie cost per, direct marketing etc. Slowly but surely things will change for the better and we’ll see a more organic approach to marketing that starts with the investors realizing the value of the right metrics rather than placing all bets on ARPU and market share.

  5. Becky Carroll

    Joseph, glad you liked the video with Jim; he is indeed very customer-minded!

    Graham, I would love to see marketing measurement change! Old-school metrics are not measuring all the right things, especially when it comes to customer focus. Thanks for chiming in!

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