Social Media and Customer Loyalty: Video Part 2

Here we are with Part 2 of the Social Media and Customer Loyalty videos featuring innovative bloggers and marketers.  I asked them how they see social media helping customer loyalty.  Part 1 was with Jim Kukral on customer satisfaction.  Part 2 is with Frank Eliason of Comcast.  Frank was also on my panel at BlogWorld discussing his use of Twitter to help with customer relationships and customer service.  He has been recognized for reaching out to customers who are having concerns about their Comcast cable service.  He and his team monitor Twitter and other online channels to look for customers in distress or who want to talk about Comcast.

Watch the video below to meet Frank and hear what he has to say about social media and customer loyalty!

Frank Eliason on social media and customer service.

2 Responses

  1. Not only can social media help connect with customers, but social media allows individuals to gain exposure and interact with other professionals in a particular field. Great networking resource!