Social Media and Customer Loyalty: Video, Part 3

Focus on the customer

I am blogging from the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer conference in Arizona, where I have had the opportunity to meet with some of today’s brightest leaders in social media marketing. Today I am continuing with my video series of innovative marketers and present to you Toby Bloomberg who blogs at Diva Marketing (or should I say, she divas at blog marketing!).  I have had the pleasure of hearing Toby speak on social media, as well as breaking bread with her.  Toby actually gave me the idea for this series, as she uses her Flip video camerato ask marketers what social media means to them.  She is one smart lady, and her blog is the place to go if you want to learn more about corporate blogging or blogger relations.

Watch Toby Bloomberg discuss joining the conversation with customers.

Part 1: Jim Kukral on happy customers.

Part 2: Frank Eliason on customer service.

7 Responses

  1. @becky -thanks for your kind words. seems to me that social media and customer service go together like pbj or as I might say on Diva Marketing – 2-3 olives with your dirty martini.

    .. and it was more than just breaking bread it was eating amazing seafood by the ocean!

  2. I think the utilization of social media demonstrates a pro-active approach that yields better customer service within the organization, just as Toby says.

  3. Becky Carroll

    Thanks, Toby, for coming over and commenting! :) I guess I would say they go together like peanut butter and chocolate (I am a big Reese’s fan!). But I like the martini idea…

    Yes, Jake’s in Del Mar is one of my favorite restaurants for great food and a great view! When are you coming back?

  4. Becky Carroll

    Mark, I appreciate your perspective on this. Social media is not only a proactive approach but is also an interactive approach, allowing discussion between customers and companies, as well as among each other. Staying engaged with customers is the best way to enable fabulous customer service!

  5. These are some great videos. It was nice to see what Comcast is doing and their approach. You even inspired me to make a short video about myself and post it on my blog and twitter because you forget the importance of putting a face to a twit :). Hopefully I’ll get to that this week. I’ve been very active in the social media world tracking the company I work for and have just blogged about a few tools I use. When I find something, I typically escalate it to the appropriate person. I think people appreciate it when you follow up as they like to know that someone out there is listening. I know I like this as a customer.

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  7. Becky Carroll

    Chad, thanks for your comment and your compliment! It is always good to try and connect a name with a face. We build relationships with people, not with companies. :) Keep it up!