Bathroom Blogfest ’08: Hawaiian and Venetian (sort of)

As mentioned earlier this week, I am once again participating in the annual Bathroom Blogfest – Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us. What, you might wonder, is that all about?  As you know, here at Customers Rock! there is a strong focus on looking at your business from the customer’s perspective. Sometimes, that perspective takes place in the restroom, and this blogfest focuses on exactly that.

The customer experience travels everywhere with your customers, even into those forgotten spaces!  Some of my fellow Bathroom Blogfesters have included other forgotten spaces in this year’s festival photos; I have chosen to stick with the main event, the restroom.


Last year, I spent time blogging about restroom signs.  Some can be very confusing, and some can be amusing.  These signs on the restrooms at the Kahului Airport on Maui make it very clear which room is for which people. I love it.

Customers Rock! tip: Having clear signs at your business makes for a simplified customer experience. Don’t try to be too “cute”, especially when it comes to signs on restroom doors! Customers don’t want to be embarassed if they can’t figure them out.

Venetian Restroom

I was recently in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas during my time at BlogWorld; it is very upscale. I was impressed by my surroundings, and the ambiance carried over to the public ladies room as well (this one was by the Blue Man Group’s theater). Having my Flip Mino video camera in my purse (you never know when you might need it!), I took this tasteful video in the restroom to show off the beautiful fixtures. (Note: Don’t blink when you watch the video. I did it rather quickly so as not to be taping when another customer came in. It might have been difficult to explain!)


Customers Rock! tip: Try and keep your “forgotten spaces” consistent with the rest of your customer experience. Every interaction with your brand counts, even the bathroom!

Bathroom Blogfest ’08

If you would like to see more perspectives on the bathroom experience and other forgotten spaces, be sure to check out the posts from this past week at these other Blogfest participants below! You can see all my posts from last year’s Bathroom Blogfest regarding: Disney Bathrooms as well as Door Signs.

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23 Responses

  1. Bihter

    Hi Becky,

    Just wanted to say that I’ve started reading your blog. I’m wondering if you have heard about the book, “What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business”. I heard the guy (Chris Flett) on the Today Show and thought you probably have already heard of him. I’m wondering what your thoughts were. He seems to be really taking on the ‘Old Boys Club”. I just emailed him, but haven’t heard back.

    Anyway, keep up the great writing.



  2. Becky Carroll

    Bihter, I am glad you are here! I actually haven’t heard of Chris Flett, but I will look for him. Keep coming back and letting me know what you think about my posts! :)

    C.B., glad you like the video. It is always fun to be involved with this particular Blogfest, especially since you are in it! Thank you for being so encouraging.

  3. Ryan, thanks for checking out my blog and coming to Customers Rock! No cams in the bathroom, huh? There is definitely a time and place for it, that’s for certain.

    Susan, thank you for helping coordinate this blogfest. I love, love, love my Flip – decent video quality, super lightweight and easy to carry around! Highly recommended. Let me know when you get it!!

  4. Hi Becky, Hope all is well and you are enjoying your new venture,
    Your topic here is great and further emulates that the Devil is in the Details. Throughout my building career we would enviably have certain developments that didn’t go well, and almost every failed or troubled project when you walked into the superintendents office trailer, it was a mess, unorganized and junk everywhere, and the construction site was littered with debris and junk. Conversationally, the superintendent who kept his job office and construction site neat, organized and absent trash and debris was to no surprise typically being built on time and under budget.

    So, the lesson for all of us is clean the bathrooms and pick up the trash and we will live happily ever after!

  5. Becky Carroll

    Yes, the Bathroom Blogfest has shed some light on these details, hasn’t it?! Every interaction of a customer with our brand counts, even those we don’t think much about. I am sure the bathrooms at Urbane Apartments are awesome!

  6. Bihter

    Hi Becky,

    I’ve been doing some additional research on the author, Chris Flett, that I talked about on my last comment. His company is “GhostCEO” (www.GhostCEO.com) and his book is a bestseller. I found it on Amazon here. Anyway, he was in the NY Times last Sunday under the “Career Couch” and he makes reference to women’s blogs like yours so I thought you might like to connect. I’d like to see you interview him and see what he’s all about. I saw on another blog he was a guest blogger. His email is: chris@ghostceo.com

    Best wishes,


  7. I agree! Let’s not forget those forgotten spaces – every inch, every corner, every interaction and every transaction speaks volumes of who we are and mean more than words ever convey.

    I’ve been away from Vegas for one month and I miss it already – looking forward to the next trip!

  8. Becky Carroll

    Thanks, Bihter.

    Maria Elena, you are so right. Every transaction and interaction says something about our brand. How do we make sure it says the right thing?! This requires a strategy – we can’t just leave it to chance, or we will find these “forgotten spaces” cause US to be forgotten.

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  10. I just want to say all the best to you go ahead and explore your bathroom decoration ideas infront of this whole world. Your really deserve to be participant.

  11. All this time spent in the bathroom where everyone must go. I wonder why there hasn’t been more interactive marketing taking place in these public spaces, other than the lastest ad posted above the urinals. If done right,they could be fun and entertaining.

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