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News picThere has been a lot going on lately here at Customers Rock! October is going to be a busy month.


I will be moderating a panel again this year at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, October 14-16. My session this year is a special one. It looks back at the first panel I was ever involved in at BlogWorld 2 years ago, with some very special people. It included Frank Eliason (with Comcast at the time, now with Citibank – his first talk ever!), Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos), Brian Solis (author of Engage!), and Toby Bloomberg (Diva Marketing Blog). We discussed

BlogWorld Panel 2008

social media and customer loyalty, a very new topic at the time.  Fast forward two years to 2010. Much has changed in the world of social media, and customer loyalty/customer service is just now being discussed as a social media goal. I am very excited to have a panel this year with some of the same players (Frank Eliason and Toby Bloomberg are returning), as well as a new person (Melissa Lacitignola from Zappos) to revisit the topic of Creating Customer Loyalty and Social Media – A Look 2 Years Later. If you are coming to BlogWorld, please come to the session and meet the panelists – and me. And say “Customers Rock!” (On the right, there is a pic from the original panel.)

Customer World/NACCM Customers 1st

Later in October, I am speaking in Orlando at the Customers 1st Conference, which is now co-located with two other customer-focused events at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel, October 25-27. In my role as Community Manager at Verizon (where I am a contractor), I am speaking on how to use a branded community to engage customers and move from customer support to customer relationships. There are many great sessions throughout the three conferences (including another Verizon session at the Customer Uninterrupted event on using technology to support customers). Let me know if you plan to come; it should be very helpful for those of you in customer service!

Customers Rock! Blog on Assistant Edge

My blog Customers Rock! is a Featured Resource on the new content site Assistant Edge. It is a community site that gathers great information for executive and admin assistants, and Customers Rock! was asked to participate. There looks to be some very helpful information over there for assistants as well as for others in business; check it out and let me know what you think.

And more news…

Will be coming later this week, with a very BIG announcement. Stay tuned!

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