The Hidden Power of Your Customers is Launched!

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with all of you – my book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers, is now launched! It has been an exciting week with the various launch activities, including an interview on NBC TV in San Diego, a book interview video released by my friends at Lithium Technologies, and the beginning of my book tour/book signing at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego.

The book is now available in bookstores everywhere, at major online retailers, as well as in eBook format. I would be eternally grateful if you would please leave a review on Amazon.com or on another online retail site as well as say a word or two about it on your blog or favorite social network. I will be featured on various blogs in the coming weeks, either as in interview or as part of a review of my book. Be sure to come over to the book’s Facebook page to keep up with the Book Buzz and see the interviews. Of course, you can also go to my book’s website right here on the Customers Rock! blog.

Here is the video interview that Lithium Technologies was kind enough to put together. Thank you, Lithium. You rock!

The Hidden Power of Your Customers – Interview with Author Becky Carroll from Lithium on Vimeo

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